Warmastone™ 4in1 Rechargeable Powerbank Hand Warmer/Torch/Bike Light/Phone Charger With Free Heat Packs

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Warmastone™ 4in1 Rechargeable Powerbank Hand Warmer/Torch/Bike Light/Phone Charger With Free Heat Packs
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Warmastone™ 4in1 Rechargeable Powerbank Hand Warmer/Torch/Bike Light/Phone Charger With Free Heat Packs
Free heat packs with your purchase!

  • Three functions in one: Warmastone™ handwarmer, torch and phone charger
  • Comes with rubber bike mount to attach warmer to your bike for flashing or steady light
  • Two heat settings for extra chilly days and when you need to be easier on your battery
  • Heat emanates from both sides of the handwarmer providing all round warmth
  • Lasts up to 5 hours on one charge
  • Advanced Warmaplates™ warm up in under 30 seconds - no waiting around in the cold
  • Can be easily switched on or off to help conserve the battery
  • Comes complete with cable and USB 2.0 connector, simply plug into your computer or any mains USB adaptor to charge (mains adapter not included)
  • USB cable can also be used to charge your phone from the handwarmer's battery
  • USB cable has a micro USB connector and iPhone connector, meaning it works for almost all smartphones
  • Micro USB connector is compatible with a variety of devices, including some cameras and ebook readers
  • 7 LED indicators - 4 to indicate power levels, one to indicate phone is charging, and 2 for temperature level
  • On highest temperature setting, Warmaplates™ reach up to 131°F
  • Compact and convenient so can easily be stored away when not in use
  • Self-contained device with no external battery box required
  • Comes complete with a drawstring bag and carry strap
  • Height 3½in (88.6mm) x Width 2½in (65.5mm) x Depth 1in (23.68mm)
  • Weight 3.2oz (90g)
  • Unisex design is ideal for both men and women

What's in the box?

  • 1x Warmastone™ Handwarmer using Warmaplates™
  • 1x lead with USB 2.0 connector and female connector
  • 1x micro USB connector
  • 1x iPhone connector
  • 1x drawstring bag
  • 1x carry strap
  • 1x instruction booklet
  • 1x rubber bicycle mount

Keep your hands toasty as the temperatures outside drop, with this convenient and compact battery operated hand warmer. It can be easily charged from your computer or using any mains USB adaptor (mains adaptor not included), and can also be used as a portable phone charger, and a torch! Don't leave home without this handy gadget this winter.

Warmaplates™ - Advanced Heating Element in Warmastone™ Warmer

Like all Warmawear products, this handwarmer has been designed with convenience and comfort in mind. The advanced heating element provides soothing heat on both sides of the handwarmer, staying warm for up to 5 hours (or 4, if being used at the high heat setting) on a single charge.

Micro USB & USB 2.0 - Charge Your Phone on the Go

The USB cable that comes with this hand warmer can be used to charge the battery at your convenience, but it has other uses too. It features a micro USB connector, and an iPhone connector, which is compatible with iPhone 3 and 4, allowing you to charge your phone on the go. Since the handwarmer has a USB 2.0 port, and a micro USB port, you can easily plug another USB cable into the handwarmer if the connectors provided are not compatible with your phone or you would like to charge the device from the mains. One full charge of the hand warmer will be able to charge a modern smart phone up to 3 times. USB devices are very versatile; any mains adapter should work with any USB device, with no danger of overheating, unlike other forms of mains plugs.

LED Indicators

The seven LED indicators on the front of the hand warmer are simple and useful.

  • The first four are labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are indicators of remaining battery life
  • The next is marked "C", and will light up to indicate that your phone or other device is charging
  • The final two are marked T1 and T2, and indicate which temperature setting is being used
When the button on the right is pressed once, it will reveal the power levels, and if pressed twice in quick succession, it will turn on the Warmaplates™, lighting up the first T1 LED. If pressed again, it will move up to the second temperature level. The button on the left is used to turn on the torch function - press once to turn on the continuous light, twice for the flashing light, and again to switch the light off.

Torch Function

It can also be used as a torch, making it useful for everything from camping expeditions to finding your keys in the dark! Using the useful rubber bike mount you can use this light on your bike on the go.

Drawstring Bag, Rubber Bike Mount & Detachable Carry Strap

The handwarmer also comes with a convenient drawstring bag, and a detachable carry strap so that you can easily keep it safe and protect it from damage. The convenient bike mount offers you a flashing or constant light during cycle rides for safety.


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