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If your garden is your favourite part of your home, you probably try to spend as much time there as possible. When the weather gets colder, it’s harder to encourage people to spend time outside with you. Be prepared for the chilly evenings with outdoor heating. We’ve created a guide below to help you work out what’s right for your outdoor space.

Which is better, electric or gas?

There are two main types of outdoor heaters commonly used. These are Gas and electric heaters, each has its benefits.

Electric heaters have grown in popularity over recent years as improvements to the technology have been made with modern heaters now giving off a lot more heat without the glare that used to make them rather unattractive. Electric heaters transmit shorter wavelengths which make this energy transfer more effective resulting in less energy being wasted heating the air giving them a greater range and effectiveness outdoors. By relying more on infrared heat, it means the effect of air temperature and wind is on energy transfer reduced with electric heaters, meaning you get great results no matter what the weather.

Gas heaters offer a different experience however and are often preferred as they can be seen more like a feature adding to the ambience of your outdoor space. Gas heaters do transfer some heat to the air around them as the gas burns but the heat that is most useful for outdoor use is radiant heat. This is produced as the gas is burned and then directed by the reflecting element of the heater outwards in a specific direction. Radiant heaters transfer energy through an infrared wave to an object whilst losing minimal heat to the air in between. This is much like how the sun heats the earth and creates a pleasant warming feeling instead of the stuffy feeling created by warming the air itself.

Wall mounted heaters

Wall mounted heaters are a great source of heat, they are extremely easy to use. All you need to get up and running is a nearby electrical output, although these heaters work best in smaller areas, so are ideal if you’re looking to create an intimate patio setting, and work well in sheltered or enclosed areas.

One advantage is that, contrary to popular belief, electric heaters are actually quite eco-friendly. They don’t consume vast amounts of energy, and also don’t release soot and other nasties into the air. Another plus is that they warm up almost instantaneously, meaning you can have instant heat as and when you need it.

Of course, you have to take into account that they only cover a limited area, but if you’re only looking for a small heated area, then an electric patio heater could be right for you.

Fire Bowls, Baskets and Pits

If you’re looking for your heater to also be a feature of your garden, then a fire pit may just be the thing. This is a fire contained in a free-standing, decorative basket or bowl elevated with legs. They too come in a vast array of styles and finishes, and many also include safety features which are ideal if you’re concerned about an open fire around small children and pets.

The most basic version are fire baskets, which are steel or iron baskets in which to burn wood or coal. Most come with a grill, and it’s also wise to check whether a tray is supplied which can collect the fallen embers and ash, making cleaning up a lot easier.

If you’re looking for something slightly more decorative, then a fire bowl may be just the thing. These are a lot more contained, and usually, come with a lid or insert, making them perhaps slightly safer.

All will usually come with grills, meaning they can make a stylish alternative to the standard barbecue. What’s great about them is that they are generally small and lightweight, making them ideal to stick in the back of the car if you’re taking a trip to the beach or going camping.

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