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Enjoy your garden all year round with outdoor heating

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Enjoy spending time in your garden anytime of the year with our range of outdoor heating! From fire pits to fireplaces, you'll be sure to keep you and your guest entertained and warm throughout the evening.

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Outdoor Heating

With plenty of outdoor heating options, there's no need to let the evening cool off the day's fun.


Type of Outdoor Heating

Primrose has a hot range of ways to heat your garden, whether you want to boot Jack Frost from your evening garden party guest list, spend the night huddled around a crackling fire with friends, or simply continue to enjoy your garden when the British weather doesn't deliver.


All through the year

Outdoor heating is not just a winter worry, and investing in a heat source for your garden pays off year round. Far too often a chilly evening brings a summer's day outdoors to an end, when warming your garden could be as easy as tossing a few logs into the firepit. When the summer heat goes and autumn starts to creep around, you'll be glad that you don't need to go back indoors but you can continue to use your garden during the months it can often be neglected.


Outdoor flames the safe way

The warmth of an outdoor fire is comforting and satisfying, but it is important that this form of heating stays safe and manageable. With an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, staying toasty is both safe and simple. You'll want to find a safe place to position it, choosing a level surface a good distance away from anything which you don't want the fire to reach.


Once your fire is burning, not only can you enjoy its warm glow for hours, but you can also use it to toast marshmallows, or even barbecue food. Tasty flame-grilled meals outdoors on a summer's day are even better when you can watch the flicker of the fire as you eat.