Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature
Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature

Minel Solar Bird Bath Water Feature

  • Solar powered fountain - no running costs
  • Attract birds to your garden with this stone effect design
  • High quality polyresin - frost and UV resistant
  • Fully self-contained
2 year Warranty
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Product description

This elegant water fountain will make an impressive centerpiece in your garden and is perfect for placing in a central, sunny spot surrounded by blooms of colorful flowers. This traditional fountain exudes a sense of class and luxury reminiscent of classical English Victorian gardens while being far more manoeuvrable and durable than genuine stone. Completely self-contained and solar powered, this water fountain can go almost anywhere in your garden while being completely free to run.


  • Solar powered fountain - no running costs, and no digging for cables
  • Stone effect design - this feature is intended to imitate natural stone, and will look great in any garden
  • Attract birds to your garden - Not only is this a beautiful decorative fountain, it can also help to provide a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing for your feathered friends all year round.
  • High quality polyresin - this polyresin feature is constructed from high quality materials
  • Entirely self-contained - being self-contained, you won't need to put in additional work to dig a reservoir
  • Frost and UV resistant - polyresin is flexible enough to resist damage from frost, and is UV balanced, slowing color loss in areas of bright sunlight

  • Height 3ft 6in (106.5cm)
  • Diameter 1ft 7in (48.5cm)
  • Weight 32lb (14.5kg)

Completely Solar Powered

This solar powered fountain draws all of its energy from the sun, meaning that not only does it have no running cost but can be placed anywhere in your garden without having to worry about cables and wiring. This is also a more environmentally friendly choice than mains powered water fountains due to its use of completely renewable energy.

Gorgeous Fountain Design

This beautiful classical fountain is sure to delight all visitors to your garden. A charming cherub is perched atop two large shells as water cascades from one into the other, creating a sense of tranquillity and peace. The cleverly finished polyresin construction makes this fountain look and feel just like real stone while being far more lightweight with frost and weather resistant properties.

High Quality Polyresin Construction

Polyresin presents a host of advantages as a construction material for water features. It is UV and frost resistant, helping this product postpone color loss in areas of bright sunlight. Frost resistance means that thanks to the more flexible nature of polyresin, this feature is less likely to crack or split in freezing weather. It is also much lighter than an equivalent stone or metal product, meaning it can easily be positioned within your garden with minimal fuss.

Entirely Self-Contained Feature

Being an entirely self-contained feature, this product is incredibly easy to install. With no need to purchase or install an additional reservoir, this feature can be placed anywhere you want in your garden, even on your decking or patio. This also means that you don’t need to dig an additional reservoir, saving you time and effort.

Attract birds to your garden

This gorgeous bird bath is perfect for attracting wildlife to your garden. In the summer, a bird bath is great for a refreshing drink and bathe, and in the winter it becomes a source of fresh, unfrozen water where the birds can drink without fearing predators. This gorgeous feature can create a miniature oasis for wild birds while providing you and your visitors with an entertaining display.