Lisbon Water Wall 3' 11" Stainless Steel Double Sided Water Fountain

Code: WF3409US
Lisbon Water Wall 3' 11" Stainless Steel Double Sided Water Fountain
Lisbon Water Wall 3' 11" Stainless Steel Double Sided Water Fountain

Stunningly designed stainless steel, this tall, elegant water feature adds style and sophistication to wherever it's placed. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

A great way to liven up a patio, home or office, water cascades gently down both sides of this graceful water wall arch making this water feature a must-have for anyone needing a water feature for their garden. Comes complete with a 1058 gallons per hour pump (32 ft of cable) and hose kit. The piping is hidden in the middle of the feature; it comes out of the base for connection to the pump.


Height: 47" (120cm)
Width: 18" (45cm)
Depth: 10" (26cm)

Pump: 1058 GPH (99w)
Cable Length: 32 ft
Note: Pebbles are not included

Do you need a basin?

We have a range of basin options to suit all locations. Unless you are putting the feature in a pond you will probably need a basin. We can supply one to suit you.

We can supply either a stainless steel bowl designed to sit above ground or a 100% plastic rectangular basin designed to go into the ground. Our water fountain will stand alone in the stainless steel bowl.

See options for reservoirs below.

Stainless Steel Basin - This is ideally suited for use inside to make the perfect indoor water fountain.

With the stainless steel bowl, it can also be used as an outdoor water feature to add a stylish touch to a patio or garden. The water wall comes supplied with solid stainless steel feet, making it very stable when standing in the basin.

If you are intending to place the water feature in a very windy location, you may want to go for the plastic rectangular basin and grid option, as this uses bolts to secure the water fountain in place.

The stainless steel bowl is simple, elegant and modern and can be used to make the most of your water feature. Comes complete with stainless steel mesh, this can be covered in pebbles or slate (not supplied) for a modern water wall with a natural edge.

Stainless Steel Bowl:

Length: 29" (75cm)
Width: 20" (50cm)
Height: 8" (20cm)

Rectangular Basin and Grid - This is for outdoor use only, with the plastic reservoir needing to be sunk into the ground.

This is the strongest option to go for providing a much more stable fixture for the feature to be bolted to.

The steel feet on the bottom of the water wall fixes to the metal grid and the metal grid fixes to the basin making the water fountain extremely stable when set up. The plastic basin is designed to be below ground making it even more solid and secure.

Pebbles or slate can be placed to cover the grid, when everything has been fixed in place. Make an impressive statement by mixing modern stainless steel with natural stone, as well as concealing the feet and the pump.

Plastic Rectangular Basin:

Length: 31.4"(80cm)
Width: 24.8"(63cm)
Height: 14.9"(38cm)


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