Fox 3D Replica - Bird and Rodent Repeller

Code: SP0445USDS
Fox 3D Replica - Bird and Rodent Repeller
Menacing Fox 3D Predator Decoy

Fox 3D Decoy gets rid of geese and other critters

  • Three-dimensional, portable and easy to set-up or take down

Fox 3D Replica

Popular with hunters for years, decoys function as a new, more humane goose and critter repellent. A safe, humane, and effective way to rid your property of these unwanted pests without causing harm. Compact 2-piece stake fits anywhere. Center stake design allows the decoy to move with the slightest breeze and fur tail adds more motion and realism.

Coverage: up to one acre
Pests: geese, ducks, rabbits, skunks, rodents
Uses: golf courses, businesses, homes, airfields, condos, large estates, parks, schools, hospitals, or any lawn, grass or turf area


Body size: Approx. 28 x 12 x 5

Dimensions when set up:28" x 14"


  • Waterproof weatherproof
  • No sun fade
  • Made from durable lightweight EVA rubber

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