Flameless Hand Warmer With Free Heat Packs - by Warmawear™

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Flameless Hand Warmer With Free Heat Packs - by Warmawear™
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Flameless Hand Warmer With Free Heat Packs - by Warmawear™
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Free heat packs with your purchase!

Keep your hands warm and toasty all through the winter with this innovative fuel hand warmer from Warmawear. Simple to start, using lighter fluid and a lighter or match, this practical hand warmer can last up to 12 hours and reaches up to 50°c, making it perfect for all of your outdoor excursions.

  • Innovative flameless catalytic technology ensures easy lighting and comfortable temperatures
  • Completely safe while in use with no naked flames
  • Made from a high quality zinc alloy with chrome plating for extra rust resistance and longevity
  • Heat emanates from all sides of the hand warmer, providing you with all round warmth
  • The Warmawear Fuel Hand Warmer reaches an average heat of 42-50°c for up to 12 hours
  • Comes with a soft drawstring bag for extra protection and heat insulation
  • Height 4in (10cm) x Width 2½in (6.5cm) x Depth ¾in (1.5cm)
  • Weight 100g
  • Unisex design perfect for both men and women
Please see the bottom of this page for a quick and simple video on how to use this Hand Warmer.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Zinc alloy plated hand and pocket warmer
  • 1x Soft carry bag
  • 1x Easy to use funnel for refuelling

Innovative Platinum-Catalyst Flameless Technology

Like all Warmawear products, this hand warmer has been designed with convenience, comfort and safety in mind. Refuel the hand warmer using the included funnel to carefully pour lighter fluid into the body of the warmer. Replace the platinum-catalyst cap then use an open flame (from a lighter or match) to ignite it. After ignition, replace the lid and slide the hand warmer into the included bag for extra protection.

Please note: No flame should be present. If a flame is visible, wait until it disappears before replacing the cover

Practical Gadget for All Occasions

This practical fuel hand warmer is great for anyone who spends a long time outside in the cold. Great for taking along to sports events, on long walks, for fishing or even for a long commute. With a heating time of up to 12 hours, this device is great for those who will be outside for extended periods of time.

Durable yet stylish design

This practical hand warmer has been constructed from a zinc alloy for extra durability, meaning it retains its sleek, shiny exterior even after repeated use. The hexavalent chromium plating also makes this hand warmer resistant to rust and makes it easy to clean.

Take a look at the video below to see how to use this hand warmer.


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