EXOGLO Men's FreeStyle Heated Jacket

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EXOGLO Men's FreeStyle Heated Jacket
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EXOGLO Men's FreeStyle Heated Jacket
EXOGLO Men's FreeStyle Heated Jacket

This EXOGLO FreeStyle Heated Jacket has been designed to provide you with warmth where and when you need it, whatever the weather. The core-heating element, FabRoc™, is a revolutionary material invented for use in the aerospace industry and is extremely efficient in generating heat from a low voltage source. FabRoc™ panels are sewn into your EXOGLO jacket to provide direct heat to your core in certain key areas, transferring warmth throughout your body. FabRoc™ panels are pre-set to a maximum surface temperature of 122°F. It is not possible to overheat FabRoc™ as it automatically uses less power as it reaches its operating temperature, a unique property that ensures the material is safe in all environments.

** This jacket is designed to be powered ONLY by the EXOGLO 11.1 volt Lithium-Ion battery. Use of another battery or power supply will void the garment's warranty and could cause damage or injury to the product and user. **


  • 3 Level Lithium-Ion battery with remote control and charger
  • Top grade fabrics
  • Four Panel FabRoc™, heating system
  • Automatic maximum surface temperature of 122°F, so impossible to overheat
  • Stylish and efficient


We recommend measuring around the broadest part of the chest for effective sizing. The jacket should fit snugly for optimum heating potential but should not be so tight as to be uncomfortable.

X Large45-47”
XX Large48-50”



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