Cleveredge Easy Lawn Edging Medium Cleveredge Easy Lawn Edging Medium
Cleveredge Easy Lawn Edging Medium

Cleveredge Easy Lawn Edging Medium

  • Create sturdy curved lines or neat sharp corners
  • Maximum visible height is 3.9" (10cm)
  • Secure fixing pins included
  • Weather and stain resistant
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Product description

The Cleveredge is the perfect solution for creating crisp margins on your lawn. Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene, it enables you to create your own unique landscape without crumbling edges or grass growing out of your boundaries. When installed, this hard-wearing product is strong enough to drive over with small garden tractors and can be used in both small and large gardens to deliver stunning results.


  • Flexible - can be used to create curved lines or sharp corners
  • Sturdy and neat edge - no earth distorting, crumbling edges or grass growing out of edges
  • Maximum visible height is 3.9" (10cm)
  • Secure fixing pins included
  • Polypropylene edge - UV and frost proof and won't crack, rot, or fade
  • Pins bind themselves to the roots, making a permanent boundary
  • Unique patented A-frame system
  • A-frame pins are biodegradable - will decompose naturally
  • Weather and stain resistant
  • Non-toxic

The robust and flexible lawn edging has a unique design that binds itself to the roots of the lawn as the grass grows, forming a neat boundary between the grass and flowerbeds, paths, rockeries and more. The edge strip is made from polypropylene, which makes it UV and frost resistant and helps to save it from rot, cracking and splitting.

The Cleveredge system does include securing pins as standard, but you may require more depending on the shape of your border and the surface of your lawn. In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A frame. For example, this 32ft 10" Cleveredge pack comes with 120 pins and 240 A frames as standard.

When setting the lawn edge make sure the ground is not too dry. It is important to make the setting out as easy as possible. To make the ground more pliable simply water the area in preparation before laying the Cleveredge. Each edge comes with securing pins for easy fixing, which are no longer needed once the grass is bound. Extra pins are also available to buy separately.


Edge height: 5.5in (14cm), of which 1.6" is the teeth (3.9" visible height)
Edge thickness: 0.08in (2mm)
Length: 32ft 10in (10m) roll contains 120 pins