Classic Quarry Horizon Falls Brown Marble & Coppervein Powder Coat

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Classic Quarry Horizon Falls Brown Marble & Coppervein Powder Coat

Classic Quarry Horizon Falls - Bluworld®

This Classic Quarry large horizontal fountain will instantly become the crowning jewel of any room you put it in, whether it's in your home or office. When you look at this fountain, your eye will be naturally drawn to the movement of the water over the Rainforest Brown Marble to the awaiting polished cream white river rocks. The calming effect of this sight and sound cannot be overstated.

Rainforest marble is not technically a marble, it's a serpentinite which is rock composed predominantly of one or more serpentine minerals and is known for its healing qualities. Due to its elegant smooth appearance similar to marble it is often referred to as marble. The name "Rainforest" comes from the distinctive veining that looks like tree branches or a "rainforest jungle". This particular marble is very strong and characteristics in veining and movement will tend to vary greatly between stones. Rainforest brown boasts earthy shades of warm brown, lush gold and gray. This stone has deep reddish brown and white veining.

Alternative Finshes:

Patina Copper - click here
Coppervein Powder Coat - click here
Black Powder Coat - click here
Brushed Stainless Steel - click here


33" H x 51" W x 7" D

*Please note that these units are handmade and measurements may vary slightly. Texture and color of the copper and slate may also vary slightly with each fountain.


-Capacity (gallons) 5
-Weight 240 lbs
- Indoor Use Only

Included with fountain:

- White/Cream Polished river rocks
- Adjustable flow valve
- Submersible pump
- Warm White Dimmable LED Lighting with Remote Control

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*Natural stone varies in color due to the different hues of the natural particles that make-up the product. All stones are natural and vary in color, intensity and veining. Photos are provided as an indication only.


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