Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller

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Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller
Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller from PestBye

This highly effective dog repeller works by emitting a 125db piercing sound that dogs can hear - but humans cannot.
Guaranteed effective or your money back (see below).

  • Helps keep unfriendly dogs at bay
  • Protect your dog at walk time
  • Safe and Humane
  • Complete with Belt Clip

Ideal for joggers, cyclists, the elderly, and anyone who comes into contact with dogs or who is nervous of them.

We have sold large quantities of ultrasonic dog repellers to Government organisations and companies who use them to provide reassurance to postal workers, meter readers etc.

100% Effectiveness Guarantee
Just like any humane deterrent, we can't guarantee that the Advanced Sonic Dog Repeller will be effective in all situations - that's why we provide our no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. Simply post the device back to us so that we receive it within 30 days of your order and we'll give you a complete refund (less carriage). We're confident you won't be disappointed!

Use as a Training Tool for your own dog
Also use as a training tool to reduce your dogs barking and improve behaviour. As with all products involving animal behaviour, results vary from one dog to another,and should be used in conjunction with spoken commands to reinforce the message.

Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller

Fully directional, requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not supplied - see options available)

Size: 94mm x 60mm x 30mm
Weight: 48g
Frequency range: 24,000 - 26,000 Hz
Range: It's difficult to give reliable data on the effective ranges of ultrasonic devices as it depends on the situation and the dog. We recommend that you activate the device as soon as you see the dog you wish to deter, regardless of how far away it is. Keep the device pointed at the dog, deploying constantly until the deterrent effect is achieved.


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