12ft Pack Anti Bird Spikes
12ft Pack Anti Bird Spikes

12ft Pack Anti Bird Spikes

  • Suitable for guttering, window sills and ledges
  • Sold in 12 ft packs, made up of 12 strips at 1 ft (33.3cm) each
  • High quality translucent UV stabilised polycarbonate
2 year Warranty
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Product description

Product Description:

Anti Bird Spikes are suitable for protecting all potential roosting sites such as guttering, window sills and ledges, keeping them free from the soiling associated with nesting and resting birds.

Manufactured entirely from high quality translucent UV stabilised polycarbonate, easily cut to your required length. Sold in 12 ft packs made up of 12 strips at 1 ft (33.3cm) each. Height - 4.5" (12cm).


To install simply squeeze a 0.5inch (6-12mm) bead of exterior quality outdoor adhesive onto the clean, dry ledge where you are placing the row of Anti Bird Spikes, then press the spikes firmly into place.

Please Note: Gutter attaching clips are NOT included.